George Coltman born 1814
 Bridge Street  (1871 census) 
(Also Newland 1841, Canal Side 1851, West Wycombe Road 1861)

Bridge Street
Picture from the SWOP website
Reference Number BFP: 04564

George Coltman was a foreman in E. Skull’s factory,
He’d married Edwin’s cousin so was family you see,
And so the Coltmans' children were timber-linked as well
(And if you see the Coltman tree it’s easy so to tell)
For like most Wycombe people, with sap within their veins,
A timber worker’s children will breed timber folk again.

George Coltman married Mary Skull (the 'forgotten Skull' since her mother is listed wrongly in the records).  She was the daughter of Thomas Skull, Charles Skull's brother).
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