Frederick Herbert Tilbury born 1817
Little Plomer Hill farm

Farm lane
Picture from the SWOP website
Reference number RHW : 28677
I left the town for fresher air
Towards old Downley over there
And with my wife we had our babes,
(Both boys and girls we went and made)
But then my wife she passed away,
So I'm a widower to this day.

We ploughed our Chiltern hilltop farm,
And thought it really had such charm,
For Tilburys from Plomer Hill
Had lived there once and live there still,
But chairs had also been my trade
And that's where money can be made.

Frederick Herbert Tilbury was the son of William Tilbury who was a blacksmith in Crown Lane. He married Ellen Bridgewater Fox and they had at least four children.  His youngest daughter Georgiana married Charles Edwin Skull.
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