Fred Skull Antiques 1930 - 1950
Bassetsbury Mill

Mill and antiques showroom
Picture from the SWOP website
Reference number RHW : 08050 (Mill)
Antiques in mill
Picture from the SWOP website
Reference number RHW : 08059 (Mill)

I store my antiques in the mill
For I have workshops there,
I find it really fits the bill
As chairs are everywhere,
I cannot miss a bargain,
I have to scoop it up,
To meet my profit margin
Though it could well prove a pup,
It's not just chairs but paintings too,
I've had a Reynolds here
But let a sly collector through
Which I regret, no fear,
I'd not had time to clean it
And I failed to note its source,
Before I'd found a price to fit
He'd bought it then of course.
I've had some jewels, trinkets for snuff
And furniture galore
In fact there's really so much stuff
You'll barely close the door,
I have a man to supervise,
And Collins is his name,
He sometimes can't believe his eyes
But stays here all the same.
And since he's such a useful bloke,
I have no need to stay
So sell my wares to far-flung folk
And often am away.

Fred Skull bought Bassetsbury Manor and its mill so that he could develop his passion in antiques.  He went to America regularly to sell his wares.  Those he loved too much to part with he housed in the manor itself.  He owned several works of art but regrettably failed to identify a Reynolds and sold it for a pittance.  It was later sold by the purchaser for a huge sum on the American market.
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