Francis Treacher born 1815
17 Oxford Street, corner of Bowdreys Lane

Oxford Street
Picture from the SWOP website
Reference number RHW : 01155

We Treachers came from here and there

From windy hill and valley fair
Some say we spread to Stokenchurch
But others had a greater search
To find a place to plant their roots
And rear new healthy Treacher shoots.
My cousin was a farming lad
A life like that is not too bad
But I, and all my family ,
Had other hopes of what to be
My girls both teachers, wise and good
My boy still striving as he should
And music, yes they all could play,
I hum their tunes now still today.

Francis Treacher, chair manufacturer, was a cousin of William Allen Treacher of the Red Lion. 
 Francis married local girl Eliza Wootton. Their son Abraham trained as an upholsterer but he died in 1874. Their daughters Fanny and Eliza were both music teachers.  Eliza Treacher married John Wane of Paul's Row. 
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