Florence Peace née Wane born 1882
The china shop, Queen Square

China shop
Picture from the SWOP website
Reference number RHW : 32019

This is where Peace, Jones and Co
Had all their china put on show
And where a certain Florence Peace
Would help her husband pay the lease
By serving here to help him out
By stacking china all about.
Florence lived just up the hill
And had no time to help until
Her mother joined them in their home
For now the children weren't alone,
And being free to socialise
Our Florence thought this quite a prize.

Florence was the son of John and Eliza Wane.  Florence  married William Peace of Castle Hill House (almost 20 years her senior) and the china shop was part of the shop and properties owned by William's father James George Peace. William and Florence were already related through William and Mary Redington.
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