Ray and Winchbottom Farms
Winchbottom Lane

Ray Farm

Winchbottom Farm

These farms, which grew so long ago,
Still lie beyond the map we know,
But they have been included here
Since all our farms are now held dear.

Ray Farm and Winchbottom Farm are on opposite sides of Winchbottom Lane. I believe they were all part of the same farm once upon a time. The farmhouse at Ray Farm sold fresh farm eggs and we would make a point of going there to buy them in the 1960s. This was a popular route if you were travelling to Wycombe from Heath End by car and you turned right at Winchbottom Farm and took the lane to Daws Hill. When Heath End Road was extended to meet Daws Hill Lane this then provided the direct route to Marlow Hill.
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