Whitepit memories

Folk drawing

John Oldale b. 1930s
Whitepit Lane was very narrow and there was so little traffic around that my sisters could play in the road. Our front garden extended to a line of silver birch trees and we used the land in front of them to grow vegetables as part of the war effort. So the road was much narrower than it is now. Jacksonís Mill in Wooburn was very active, with a beautiful sports ground and an indoor gymnasium and they allowed workersí families to use it. When I was 11 and my eldest sister was 14 she went down there once a week for proper training. She went down in the daylight and then I had to go and meet her so that she didnít have to walk back alone in the dark. There was one light half way up Windsor Hill on the opposite hill and just the gaslights at the station so it was very dark. The road was very narrow with steep banks and one night a brown and white cow fell out of the hedge, all of a sudden, and I ran and I ran and I ran.
I was in the choir in Wooburn so two of us would go down there together in the pitch black. We just got used to it. Half way up Whitepit there were lots of glow worms on the banks.

Geoff Gibson 1930s
Whitepit Lane was very narrow and steep with high banks. All the way along them on a summer's evening were glow worms. Lots of glow worms. We used to stick them on the front of our hats.

Wendy Earley 1970s
Our first married home was in a mobile home at Chalkpits. Our daughter was born there in 1976. Houses were too expensive for us to buy back then because we were only just starting out and had no money saved. It was very convenient as my husband worked in Wycombe and our parents lived in Flackwell Heath and Bourne End. It was small but it was cosy.

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