Granny Williams
Whitepit Lane

Whitepit Lane circa 1910
(picture from SWOP website)

Whitepit Lane today

This hill was always very steep
The lane was long, the banks were deep
But many had to walk this way
In search of daily work and pay.
And when the railway came to be,
(A useful tool as you will see),
Many walked both up and down
To make their journey in to town.
Granny Williams, like the rest,
Found the hill walk quite a test,
And had to buy a three wheeled car
Because her legs could not walk far.
One day, descending down the hill,
Her journey met with sudden ill,
No brakes to stop her speeding past
And Granny Williams breathed her last!

Granny Williams lived at Northern Woods and was a relation of the Bird family who lived at Little Beckings. She was killed whilst venturing down the hill in her little three wheeled car and the accident is still remembered by OAPs today. To find out more about Whitepit Lane click here.
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