Village shop stories

Folk drawing

John Oldale born 1930s
There were four wooden shops where the flats are now next to where the Green Man stood. One was a newsagents owned by Mr Mellett who lived in Fennels Way and one was a hairdressers for both men and women. After the last of the four shops was a big hedge. One day I was riding my bicycle and a bus pushed me into the hedge but I was alright fortunately. Behind the hedge were a few cherry trees but the land wasn’t looked after, it was just left. After where Costa Coffee is now, where the opticians and the gift shop are, was Wilks stores.
About opposite Budgens there were hedges and fences until you got to the Cherry Tree and there was a wooden building there and that was a doctors and there was another one in Sedgmoor Road and that was a doctors too. That was Dr Mercer. That was where I got taken when I fell off my scooter and hurt my mouth and it cost my dad 4s and 6d (wages were £4 a week then).

Monica Sweeney nee Lawrence b. 1930s
We lived in the end house of Archlee Terrace opposite the Temperance Hall and Malcolm Ludlow lived in the cottage next door, the one recessed from the road. Mr Whiteman lived in a house behind the hedge beside his butcher’s shop. There was Reg and Jim Whiteman. They sold the ground and the house and then the row of shops was built and they then had the butcher’s shop in one of the new ones. Next to the old Whiteman’s butcher’s hut was the row of houses down Swains Lane and Mrs Row lived in the first one by the butcher’s. She ran a haberdashery shop in the hut which is now the barbers. Old Lil Row sold wool and cotton, anything you wanted.

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