Treadaway memories

Folk drawing

Ian Martin b. 1930s
I remember that if the bus was full it couldn’t get up the hill and it had to stop by the garage of one of the Treadaway Hill houses (the garages were on Treadaway Hill in those days) and we all had to get off and walk up to the brow and then get on again once the bus had reached the top. It was a single decker in those days.

Tony Spruce b. 1940s
I remember Treadaway Hill when it was really narrow. The sides were steep (you could walk along a footpath at the top through the woods as there wasn’t space on the road) and the trees used to curve over the road on either side and meet in the middle. They only had single decker buses in those days. When the double deckers came in, the rear of the bus always scraped over the level crossing if the bus was full.

Sally Scagell Peace b. 1950s
I remember that my parents always tried to leave in good time and get to the bottom of the hill and across the level crossing well before the gates closed. It could hold you up for quite a bit, especially if you were late for school, if the train came in. It was always bumpy driving across the level crossing and I remember that the day I broke my arm and had to be driven to the hospital was particularly painful (that was before the Heath End Road had been extended to Daws Hill Lane).

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