The old kiln
Old Kiln Road

No early photograph available

Old Kiln Road as it looks today

Another job for village men,
When other work was sought back then,
Was making bricks from local clay,
A trade no longer done today.
The brick kiln, just off Sedgmoor Road,
Was large enough for quite a load
And one suspects this industry
Fired many bricks which we still see,
For older pubs in Flackwell here
Perhaps have walls where they appear,
So take a look when next inside
To see where Flackwell bricks may hide.

Old Kiln Road was originally a path which led to the brick kiln off Sedgmoor Road. It is believed that pits in the land here indicate where the clay was dug for the making of bricks. This kiln is not to be confused with the lime kiln recorded at Pigeon House Farm.
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