The Youth Hostel
Philip Drive, Northern Woods

The youth hostel circa 1935
(picture from SWOP website)

The area now

They thought of this as countryside
Not so long ago,
When folk from towns like Maidenhead
Sought out our blossom show.
A youth hostel once stood here,
Set back amongst the trees,
Allowing folk from far afield
To see such sights as these.

They had such simple pleasures then,
A bike ride or a walk,
And twenty miles strolled in a day
Was usual weekend talk.
There's time to still appreciate
What we in haste ignore
For farmland still surrounds us
And lies outside our door.

The youth hostel was situated near Little Beckings and was in the orchards owned by Granny Williams. It was a regular stop for walkers and cyclists in the 1920s and 1930s, so I believe, but had faded in popularity by the Second World War. Many of these hiker's walks still remain acoss the village and into the fields beyond. Enjoy them whilst you still can.
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