The lost men

Folk drawing

Row on Row – one hundred years on

These names that lived so long ago
In Flanders graves lie row on row,
Their lives now dust beneath the earth
They shared their sorrow and their mirth
And battle-scarred, war-weary died,
Their broken bodies, side by side.

These men, a father, husband, son,
Their lives entwined forever on,
Gave heart and soul, their guts and blood
Within those fields of Flanders mud
Now, dormant, lie in serried ranks
While we live on in grateful thanks.

I hear them calling from the grave,
‘We died so you and yours were saved,
Take heed, don’t let us die in vain,
Don’t let them march to war again,
No greater sacrifice had we to give
But Oh, to be allowed to live!’

Not all of the men died on the Western Front. You can find out more about each Flackwell Heath man here:
Tell Them of Us
and on

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Flackwell Heath War Memorial Project

Can you help?

The Local History group is still researching the stories of the men on the War Memorial. If anyone can offer any further information/photos or contacts then we would be pleased to hear from you. Contact Ruth Bowler c/o the local Community library or email Ruth on

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