The Stag
Heath End Road

View of the fields behind
A recent photograph showing little has changed

The Stag as it looks today

This pub, The Stag, with views unchanged,
A cosy warm retreat,
Gives walkers on the Chilterns range
A place to rest their feet.
How many folk have trod this path
To farms that lie ahead?
Or drunk beside this cheery hearth?
Perhaps laid down their head?
There are no richer sights from here
Of fields and woods and vale,
What better place to sup your beer
And share a country tale.

The Stag is a small and popular pub of Flackwell Heath. It has provided refreshments for very many decades to locals and visitors to this end of the village. It was not the only public house to serve Heath End for a pub called the Leather(n) Bottle was once located at Spring Lane in the 1800s.
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