The Recreation Ground
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The Recreation Ground
(picture from SWOP website)

The Recreation Ground today

This used to be a farmerís field
And more than large enough
To give the boys a football game
(Which could be rather rough).
No sight of swings or tennis courts
For children in those days,
They had to do the best they could
And played in other ways.
The girls perhaps played hopscotch,
Or a skipping game or two,
The boys, of course, had marbles,
And found lots of things to do.

The recreation ground was originally a field used by 'Civil John' Smith for his cows. There was an orchard on the far side, also part of Smith's dairy, where the boys scrumped apples.
Village memories are vague as to when this pasture land became used for the playground as there was also another recreation ground where Carrington School is today. To learn more about this area in the old days go to The Retreat on the old map. To find out about the travelling fun fair click on the 'learn more' button below.
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