The Railway

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By Pat Townsend
Reprinted here by kind permission of Pat Townsend, daughter of Reg Wilks

Off to the station early
To catch the special train.
It's a bit grey over Will's Mum's way
I hope it doesn't rain.
For we’re off on our mill outing
Our annual trip to the sea
Everything's bought and paid for
Including a big cream tea.
There's Charlie already on platform
And here come Fred and Jim
And Ken and John and old Harry
But I ain't speaking to him.
Here comes our "puffing" special.
I do love a ride on a train.
It still looks grey over Will's Mum's way.
I hope it doesn't rain.
I do love a stroll on the good old prom
And a kick and a splash in the sea.
I'll drench old Harry with water
If he should come near me.
The weather it was perfect
We had such fun at the sea.
We ate cockles and whelks and winkles
As well as the big cream tea
We had pints in nearly all the pubs
Played football on the sand.
Then, tired of that, we went and sat
And listened to big brass band.
There's Charlie on the platform
And here come Fred and Jim
And here comes dear old Harry
I've saved a seat for him.
We still talk of the outing
Harry, my mate, and me.
How we made up our stupid quarrel
And had such fun by the sea.

Lily Simons circa 1950s
My husband and I both worked for the railway and after the war we wanted somewhere to live that was in the country but with easy access to London. Flackwell Heath was just right as I could catch the train to London to visit family and Gary could use it for work and also to visit relatives in Maidenhead. Our two sons later used it to go to school in High Wycombe.

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