The Murdered Man
Whitepit crossroads

Looking towards Juniper Lane

Looking towards Northern Woods

Here's the tale of Thomas Chase,
The ghost who haunts this spot,
No suicide was his demise
But foulest murder plot.

His body lies beneath the ground
At Whitepit Crossroads here,
And he is heard to mutter words
To fill you full of fear.

'They did me in' the words will say,
'And heresy the charge'
No suicide did I commit,
My spirit's still at large!'

Very many years ago a heretic called Thomas Chase was incarcerated in a cell in Wooburn where he suffered miserably for his beliefs. He was eventually murdered by his captors and his body buried, so it is believed, at the crossroads of Whitepit Lane and Juniper Lane. The Bishop of Wooburn, keen to avoid any responsibility for Thomas Chase's murder, declared that Thomas had committed suicide whilst in prison. Thus his ghost roams the crossroads to tell you that he would never have taken his own life but was murdered.
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