The Martins
Buckingham Way

Aerial view of Buckingham Way as the first houses were being built circa 1940s

Buckingham Way today

The Martins lived here many years,
Their house, back then, was new
And here they reared their family
As all good Heathens do,
Their memories have helped to give
This website flesh and bone
And many thanks I owe to them
And this their happy home.
They both grew up near Wooburn Town
And knew our village well
And here they stayed for fifty years
- What stories they could tell!

Buckingham Way was built soon after the war and was one of the first estates to be built by the council in Flackwell Heath. The Martins moved here from Wooburn Green and were some of the first tenants. Mrs Martin was delighted to get one of the houses with a bay window.
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