The Little Minchin
Treadaway Hill

Treadaway Hill circa 1910s
(picture from SWOP website)

Treadaway Hill today

On this hill a minchin’s seen,
Running over from the greens,
Some have seen her, some have not,
The little ghost which haunts this spot.
‘What’s a minchin?’ you may ask,
(A nun still training in her task)
‘But why just here?’ perhaps you’ll think,
Well Treadaway is on the brink
Of footpaths to the riverside
Where lay an abbey tall and wide,
No doubt a minchin on her way
To abbey service and to pray
Was lost upon the hillside here,
But she is friendly, have no fear.

There are several ghost stories kept alive in the village and this is one of them. This novice nun is supposed to cross Treadaway Hill with a candle cupped within her hands. Have you seen her?
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