The Green Man
The Straight Bit

The Green Man circa 1930s
(picture from SWOP website)

The Green Man circa 2005

Weep not for the Green Man pub,
Once centre of the village hub,
Although it stood for many years
Such ‘progress’ isn’t worth your tears,
Far better still that we recall
Those happy times before its fall.

No landlord then would ever dream
We’d drink at home, or so it seems,
And that a friendly smoke or two
Would bring the harm we’ve seen it do,
So changing times plus smoking ban
Brought death upon the old Green Man.

This pub, a sapling long ago,
As many picture postcards show,
Was once the jewel within the crown
And memories can’t pull it down,
Remember then this Flackwell ‘face’
Now sadly lost without a trace.

The Green Man was one of the oldest pubs in Flackwell Heath. Sadly it was demolished in 2012. One of its Victorian landlords was a Mr William Pym, a member of one of Flackwell's early families.
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