First Captains of the Golf Club
Treadaway Road

The Golf Club entrance
(picture from SWOP website)

The Golf Club now, upper entrance

Redington and Hedley,
Captains of the teams,
Names in Golf Club minutes,
Victors of the greens.
Redington for Ladies,
Hedley for the Men,
Claiming silver trophies
For members way back then.

Marjorie Redington, from High Wycombe, was the Club's first Captain of the Ladies' Team. Many of her friends and family were founder members when the Club opened in 1904. George Hedley was the first Captain of the Mens' Team.
The land was originally Minchin's Farm but three enterprising Wycombe men, James Peace, his son-law, Arthur Clarke and their friend Thomas Thurlow, decided to invest in the development of a golf course. Golf was becoming a popular pastime during this period. The Club was later sold to its members after the First World War. You can read more about the Club in Margaret Anderton's book 'The First Hundred Years'.
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