The Dandridge Family
Heath End

A lacemaker in Loudwater
(picture from SWOP website)

As Heath End looks today

When the men had left for work
In farm, or mill, or wood,
The busy mother made her lace
As quickly as she could.
A dealer came and bought it
But too little did he pay
For many women made it
In the poorer, South Bucks way.
Although the wage was meagre
It helped to pay the rent
But no sooner had she earned it
Then she found that it was spent.

The Dandridge family are recorded as living in Heath End in the 1840s, where Mrs Dandridge is listed as a lacemaker, but it is not known exactly where they lived. Lacemaking was a popular occupation for women at this time as it helped provide extra income for the family. Unfortunately, the large Dandridge family suffered a particularly difficult time and Mrs Dandridge was forced to work doubly hard after the transportation of her husband, John, to Australia as a result of his involvement in the Paper Riots.
Information taken from 'Flackwell Heath, The Making of a Chiltern Village' by Gwenda Grange.
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