The Bodger's hut
Rugg Wood

A bodger's hut
(picture from SWOP website)

Flackwell beech woods today

Wrap the rope, Boy, round and round
And press your foot, here, up and down
Hold the chisel, nice and straight
And watch for knots, Boy, those I hate.
Now keep your eyes fixed, watch the lathe,
Be careful just how much you shave.

Now do it gently, thatís too rough,
Yes, keep it steady, thatís enough,
Now watch the pattern as you go,
Not too fast, and not too slow,
Thatís the way, Boy, take your time
And with more practice youíll be fine.

The bodger was once a common sight in Chiltern beech woods. It is not known if a bodger's hut existed in Flackwell Heath but I believe that the trees here were used for chair making.
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