The Temperance Hall
Top of Austin's Hill

The Roman Catholic Church circa 2000

The building then (picture from SWOP website) and now (hold mouse over picture for modern view by Dave Trotter)

Take the pledge and enter in
All you folk now free from sin,
Alcohol is your damnation
Let us help you seek salvation,
Listen to the Temperance Call
And join us at our meeting hall.

The Temperance Hall was used as a meeting place for people who had taken the pledge i.e. that they would not drink alcohol. As times changed the village social gatherings, e.g. dances, required that alcohol be made available and since this was not allowed in the Temperance Hall the activities moved to the Memorial Hall on Lady Carrington's recreation ground (the site behind the Temperance Hall). Thus the hall became under-used and for a while was the home of the Infant Welfare Centre. It later became the Roman Catholic Church until this was relocated a few years ago. The building is now used as a dental surgery.
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