Flackwell Heath Silver Band
Flackwell Heath

The Silver Band circa 1920s
(picture from SWOP website)

A visiting band playing at the Cherry Fayre

We took much pride in this, our band,
In uniform both smart and grand,
We proudly played at local dos,
Saw our achievements in the news,
Found friendships in this jolly troupe,
Alas, a now forgotten group.

The Flackwell Heath Silver Band was a popular troupe in the 1910s amd 1920s. Their uniform was much admired and there was no shortage of musicians. They won several trophies and would often play at the Memorial Hall, or outside on The Common. Sadly, as other entertainments took a hold in the village they attracted fewer members and the troupe was finally disbanded. As several of the musicians were members of the Wilks family they may well have played at the opening of Wilks Park.
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