Old Kiln Road stories

Folk drawing

Dave Jennings born 1930s
My grandfather, Jockey Jennings, owned Juniper Farm at the top of Juniper Hill and Whitepit Lane, Uncle William owned Norlands Farm and Uncle Peter and Uncle Walter owned all the ground from the Green Man pub, the land which is now part of Old Kiln Road and along up to Budgens. Uncle Peter had an old shed in the field where the kiln once was, the kiln had long gone by then but there was a big pit still there, where they used to dig the clay out. Uncle Peter lived in a big house about where Cherrywood Gardens is now. It joined up with the field at the back. He and his brothers bought three horses from Crystal Palace, from some Australians who were showing them there. One died coming up Treadaway Hill after arriving by train, another died soon after and was buried under my uncle’s lawn (there was a dip in the lawn for some time after that), and so they sold the last one before that died as well. The clay pits were later filled in and there are houses built on top of them now. Malcolm Ludlow born 1930s
By the old kiln round Sedgmoor was a wood where we’d go shooting. You wouldn’t believe that now would you?

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