Northern Woods Farm story

Folk drawing

I was told by a Miss Clarke that her mother considered Northern Woods Farm to have a ghost and this was the reason that they left. One stormy night my daughter Lindsey was sleeping the end of the barn which was an annexe to the farm (part of Pigeon Tower Cottage). She heard the door snick rattle three times and each time she got up to close the door she found that it was firmly closed. Lindsey related this to me the next day and without thinking I said 'oh! perhaps it was the ghost trying to get through the blocked up door' -in what would have been the end of the barn and which we had shelved. Her reaction was not very good but she did manage to relate the story to friends when they visited for the weekend and duly frightened them. However, it must be a friendly ghost because it is the house I have been most comfortable in - and we have been in three others and a Victorian flat.

Contributed by Margaret Anderton 2012

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