Melbourne Cottage
The Common

Location of Melbourne Cottage
off Common Road

Melbourne Cottage

Melbourne Cottage? Why this name?
What links to Oz lie here?
Was it a Sarney homestead?
(For the Sarney's lived quite near).
The Sarney man in question
Was the one we still recall
Who was banished to the land of Oz
But never went at all.

What did he get in trouble for?
What happened in the vale?
And why was Sarney punished so?
What was his sorry tale?
Well if youd like to hear it
Then why not have a rest,
Its all about the paper mills
And men put to the test.

John Sarney was one of three ring leaders of the paper riots which occurred in the valley below in 1830. Local rumour says that there was once a cottage along here which was called Sarney Cottage. However, Melbourne Cottage was also the home of David Barton whose father and uncle also took part in the riots with his uncle being transported to Tasmania, never to return. The cottage could be named after Melbourne in Australia but more likely after Lord Melbourne who was involved in the trial. If you'd like to hear some of the story then click on the button below.
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