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Run Daddy Run I can run faster than you

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Sally Scagell Peace b. 1950s
We really need some stories from our local runners here. You know who you are.

I am not a sporty individual and for many years grew to resent the fact that once a year, in the height of summer, we were marooned in Flackwell Heath with no escape due to the road closures for the Half Marathon. And having any friends to visit in the morning was a hopeless non-starter.

Fortunately officialdom seems friendlier now and, providing you are prepared to wait for a break in the flow, you can make your escape from the village without too much difficulty. Just try to avoid the first hour. Having said that, it really is a most pleasant time to walk around and enjoy Flackwell Heath as it once was – without the noise of endless traffic which rarely ever keeps to the speed limit. And you can always party in the afternoon when the event is over. After all, the Half Marathon does raise a lot of money for good causes.

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