The Leather(n) Bottle
Top of Heath End Road and Spring Lane

Spring Lane

The location today

A pub once stood here long ago
And this is where Ďití started
- The riots of the paper mills
Which left some couples parted.
This story is a sorry one,
Men fought to save their jobs,
Their victory a fading hope
When faced against the odds,
For progress, as we all now know,
Can rarely be held back
And so itís not surprising
That these Heathens feared the sack,
But if you want the details
On these long forgotten men
Please take a seat and listen
To what then became of them.

The Leather(n) Bottle was situated at the top of Spring Lane and at the end of Heath End Road in the 1830s. It would have been a popular stopping point for locals in this part of the village and for travellers walking across the heath to Handy Cross and High Wycombe. The landlord of the tavern was John Sarney/Sawney and he encouraged the disgruntled paper makers to rally against the mill owners who were installing new machinery in the mills in the valley below - at the cost of their jobs. Click the button to learn more.
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