Lantern Cottage
Fairview Lane/Chopstick Alley

Lantern Cottage in snow

Fairview Lane today

In Lantern Cottage here I thrived
And glad I was to be alive,
One up, one down, yes it was small
But some folk had no home at all.
I worked the fields, and grew the wheat
So village folk had food to eat,
A busy life I had for sure,
Sit down awhile, Iíll tell you more.

Lantern Cottage is believed to be 300 years old and was originally the one up, one down home of a local farmer. It is mentioned in a poem by local poet G.A.S. Bowler in his book 'Frackle Mosaic'. It was not called Lantern Cottage originally and now houses the glass lens from a World War Two search light beam.
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