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Dave Jennings born 1930s

My grandfather, George Jennings, known as Jockey Jennings, was in charge of the general stores in Loudwater and his brothers, Peter, Walter and William were in charge of the general stores in Flackwell Heath. Peter was the butcher and he was always saying he was going to die but he outlived the lot of them. Walter was in charge of ironmongery and he used to lose his temper a lot and frightened my sister and myself. William was in charge of provisions and he lived at Norlands Farm. They used to have a little slaughter house behind the stores and they killed a lot of their own stuff there.

Geoff Gibson, born 1930s
Jennings had an orchard near where Juniper Hill School is now and there was also a bit that was used as a market garden, where the school playing field is, and they used to grow the produce to be sold in Jennings Stores. Everything you’d want they had, hardware and groceries. Walt Jennings used to do bike repairs round the back.

Dave and Pam's memories on Vimeo
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