Jennings Stables stories

Folk drawing

Dave Jennings born 1930s
May Jennings was my fatherís sister. She never got married and ran the riding stables. When Aunt May was young she had a horse riding accident in Sheepridge and was thrown off. She hit her head and was never quite the same after that. Jennings Stables was once Juniper Farm and owned by my grandfather, Jockey Jennings. The farm was sold to Dr Bailey and then half of it was sold back to my father, Ben. Dr Bailey didnít live there, he lived at the large house called Clay House, along Whitepit Lane. Dr Bailey and Auntie May had a bit of a fling at one time and May hoped she would marry him but then Dr Bailey met his future wife, another keen horse woman, and he married her instead.
When my grandfather owned Juniper Farm there was a big piggery behind the barns and the pigs were swill fed. During the war Grandfather asked for two German Prisoners of War to come and help him feed them. The POWs were living at the hostel at the time. They were billeted there, wore fatigues and were let out to farmers. Henry and Hans were the two Germans who came to help, both young men at the time. Henry got tangled up with Aunt May but he eventually went back to Germany. He used to play for Flackwell Heath Football Club and he became part of the family whilst he was here.

John Oldale born 1930s
When I was nine I was cleaning out Jennings stables, oiling the saddles and cleaning the brasses for the posh children coming to ride. Dr Bailey used to ride horses there and thatís where he met his wife. She was Irish. Dr Bailey used to do his rounds on a horse but some of his patients didnít like him doing this, riding up their paths. He could be blunt too and was a massive man. His father, Selbourne Bailey, was also a doctor who worked until he was 90. Poor people got to know that he didnít charge them and yet he still treated them. He was ever so well respected.

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