Jennings Field
The Straight Bit

How it looked then from Green Dragon Lane
(picture from SWOP website)

How it looks today from the Straight Bit

The orchards were a splendid sight,
In spring time dressed in pink and white,
Their blossom like a coat of snow
Delighting locals with their show.
And many was the memory
Of walking up here just to see
This landscape full of cherry trees
With blossom blown upon the breeze.
And then the harvest of the fruit,
With cherry ladder, what a brute,
Requiring only men with strength
To manage both its width and length,
But many folk would help to pick
(Their usual work they’d often skip),
And then the baking of the pies
To sample colour, taste and size!

Jennings field was one of the last meadows in the village and did not give way to housing until the 1970s. Behind the field, which fronted directly onto Straightbit, was an orchard which extended right back to the Green Dragon pub.
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