The fairy glade
Fennels Wood

A walk through the woods (Photo from SWOP website)

Fennels Wood today

Back in the Nineteen Sixties,
Before the motorway,
We would walk down through the woods
To Kingsmead, where we'd play.
The woodland, then, had grassy glades
Where the Fennels fairies lived
And we would build them mossy homes
For the 'wishes' they would give,
For everyone loves magic
And children 'specially so,
(Particularly those who walked to school
Through Fennels long ago),
We crossed the railway by the pigs
And the bridge across the stream,
A magic wish within our bags
- If only in our dreams.

Before Carrington Junior School was built children from this end of the village, upon reaching the age of seven or eight, would have to attend Loudwater School, and this route was the quickest way of getting there. Later, in the 1960s, this path was the way to get to 'The Mead' (or Kingsmead) and the childrens' playground further along. To find out about life at the bottom of the hill go to you will leave this site).
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