Fennels Farm
Fennels Farm Road

Fennels Farm, feeding chickens, photo courtesy of the Crook family

Fennels Farm Road today

It’s easy now to wander round
And visualise the past,
- To see it, hear it, feel it -
But smells are made to last.

Farms encircled all these hills,
I’ve counted more than ten,
So smells of all the animals
Were very strong back then.

Today we don’t consider it,
We’re ‘townies’ to a tee,
But smell’s a sure-fire trigger
Of how things used to be.

Fennels Farm made way for Fennels Farm Road in the early 1960s. It was a popular place to get fresh eggs. The cows could be seen in the fields as you wandered down Fennels Way, then an unmade road. The farm had had several names and several tenants. It was owned by Arthur Wilks (Wilks Farm) and tenanted by Mrs L. Sarney at one stage (Sarney's Farm), it was also called Salter's Farm and later became known as Fennels Farm (hence Fennels Farm Road).
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