Loudwater stories

Folk drawing

Dave Jennings born 1930s
My grandfather was Ceorge 'Jockey' Jennings and he used to run the general stores opposite Fassetts farm house. He was also a farmer and he would go to Ireland and choose certain cattle and have them shipped back to England and put on the train to Loudwater. They would be put in the fields in Flackwell or put in White Blackbird Meadow in Loudwater, where Tescos is now. Grandfather also owned land at Clapton Revel, where Claptonís Mill used to be. Thatís where the motorway slip road is now when you come off the M40. The White Blackbird Meadow was Church ground, or Lammas land, and available for community use at certain times of the year, and grandfather would buy sheep from Banbury and bring them back to put on it. One year there was a ram which attacked someone in the field and so we went round, with the local police constable, to catch the ram but it butted the policeman in the backside much to my great amusement. So then we went to collect two local butchers who finally caught it and took it to be slaughtered.

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