Fassett's Farm

Fassett's Farmhouse
(picture from SWOP website)

As it looks today

This house which stands from long ago
Lies just outside the map I show
And it may bring a heartfelt tear
For once all this was farmland here.

Fassett's Farmhouse stood beside the farmland which is now part of the postwar council estate which stands here now. It is hard to imagine that Loudwater was once a sleepy village in the countryside. It changed earlier than Flackwell Heath because of its position on the Wye and the location of the paper mills along the valley floor which meant that this became a thriving centre of industry long before chair making made Wycombe famous. Its position on the London to Oxford Road was also a good stopping point for horsedrawn coaches and, later, the rail link from Wycombe to Maidenhead/London added to its popularity. To find out about life at the bottom of the hill go to www.galaxypix.com/Sally/Loudwaterlea/(but you will leave this site).
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