Farmer Smith stories

Folk drawing

Ian Martin b. 1930s
I used to help Mr Smith drive his cows to other fields in the village. Iíd get them out of the field behind The Tips and onto The Common and when the cows got to the War Memorial I had to make sure that they all went left to the Blind Lane field or right to the Sheepridge field. Then once they were walking in the right direction the cows did the rest Ė they knew which way we wanted them to go after that.
We used to play football in the field next door, that's the recreation ground. We pushed the football referee into Clear Pond once when we didnít like his attitude.

Malcolm Ludlow b. 1930s
When I left school I used to do farm work, a bit here and bit there. We went round on an old motorbike and sidecar to get work. We used to go down Winchbottom and help Sid Smith with his cows, who was Stan Smithís brother, and help him with the cows.
Will Hayes was Stan Smithís cowman. He died in Stanís house and old Stan didnít want him in the house and me and Alan Springall lifted him outside and sat him in a chair by the woodshed and we called the doctor and Dr Wright said Ďheís deadí but I could have told him that!

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