Ena Cottage
Straight Bit

Ena Cottage as it once looked
(picture from SWOP website)

As it looks today

Ena Cottage stands today
Much as it did before,
Its owners ran the little shop
Which opened up next door.
A post office once stood here too,
Where you could buy your stamps
And paper, too, for writing on
And oil for table lamps.
The village then was very small
But trips to town were few
And so these shop fronts had to stock
All sorts of things for you.
We do not know exactly what,
These times have sadly past,
But probably the sort of goods
The salesman hoped would last.
Dried goods no doubt, like cereals,
Were stored in open sacks
And salesmen did their very best
To sell you what you lacked.

Ena Cottage has had many owners in its long history. The adjoining shop was later adapted/ replaced by Wilkes Stores and later the VG store took its place. It was finally demolished when the present parade of shops was eventually built.
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