Dr Lowe's House
Links Road

Early house in Links Road taken from the Golf Course
(picture from SWOP website)

Links Road

This was the house of Dr Lowe
And Wendy Lowe, his wife,
He helped us with our aches and pains
Or brought us into life.
His surgery was then quite small,
The population less,
But as the village grew and grew
Bill Lowe still did his best.
Others went elsewhere for aid,
To Baileys in Bourne End,
But new folk needing healing hands
For Dr Lowe would send.

Dr Lowe had a practice in the village where Cherrymead surgery presently stands. He died of a heart attack when he was still quite a young man. The Dr Baileys (father and son) had a practice in Bourne End and are remembered for the 'posh' cars which they drove. It was quite common for the doctors in those days (1950s) to make house calls.
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