Dickson Park's Manor House
Chapman Lane

Sedgmoor House
Photo courtesy of Harold Peacock, author of
“Mr Fairley: The Oldest Banker in Glasgow”, 2014 available in paperback from www.lulu.com (see below)

The home of Mr Hawtree the builder.
Photo with thanks to the White family

Dickson Park, the village squire,
Loved the hill plot he acquired,
His lovely house (and stables too),
Which held the most commanding view,
And Sedgmoor Farm across the way,
Are still remembered to this day.

But farmer Edward Dickson Park,
Kept the villagers in the dark,
His loving 'wife' of many years
Was not quite what she seemed I fear,
A love match true, I have no doubt
But marriage proof they seem without.

Fanny Park, once Mrs Fairley,
(Married in name but only barely),
Found new love with Dickson Park,
He her nephew, she his aunt,
Though several years his senior,
He may have sired a son through her.

For when he died he left the house
To step-son Fairley, son of 'spouse'
But rumour has it, so they say,
That Edward's line still ruled the day,
(Perhaps the reason Fanny Park
Found Marriage One had lost its spark?)

Fanny then was long in heaven,
- Edward died in Thirty Seven,
But in his last few years of life
It's said he took a second 'wife',
And Fanny's nurse now came to be
Another form of company.

For Daisy Wright, the story goes,
Now housekeeper for all his woes
Was well rewarded on his death,
And, in his will, to her he left
A little house on Flackwell soil
As just reward for all her toil

And his last journey, to the grave,
In keeping with requests he made,
Was on a simple graveyard cart
Along the paths he knew by heart
His coffin then to chapel bier,
Farewell this squire of yesteryear.

The earlier mansion, known as Sedgmoor House was home to Edward Dickson Park, known locally as the squire of the village. His wife was several years older than him and in actual fact had been his uncle's first wife. When Edward died he left the property to his wife's son, William Fairley, but Edward's will led the family to speculate that William may have been Edward's true son for Fanny also had three other sons by her first husband. When William Fairley died he left the house to his own son Richard Fairley who promptly sold the entire estate to Mr Hawtree the builder. The site of the original mansion was then rebuilt to become the home of Mr Hawtree but it has seen many changes since then. Daisy Wright, Mr Dickson Park's housekeeper, went to live in a bungalow along the Straight Bit and was left an allowance until she died.
For more information on the Fairley family please see this website.

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