Chopstick Alley
Now Fairview Lane

Chopstick Alley in snow looking west

Fairview Lane today looking east

Chopstick Alley, why this name?
An oriental trail?
Its very name provides its fame
There really is no tale.
No Chinese folk in silken gowns,
No stir fry food sold here,
Just sounds of chopping up and down
And wood piles far and near,
For this was beechwood hillside
Where nothing went to waste
And wood was gathered far and wide
And all employment chased.

Chopstick Alley (now Fairview Lane) is a very old part of the village and several of Flackwell's oldest buildings were once to be found here although few remain today. It was believed to be the home of some of the poorest villagers who made a living chopping sticks for charcoal making and for general fuel purposes.
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