Carrington Junior School
Chapel Road

The old Memorial Hall
(picture from SWOP website)

The school as it is today

Long before they built the school
Here stood the local hall,
In memory of those who died
Or heard their country’s call.
Photographs of these events
Reveal the times back then
When yet again the women folk
Outnumbered all the men.
Funds were raised to help the war,
These housewives did their best,
And even those who couldn’t sew
Would try to knit a vest.
And then they held a fete or two,
Sold tickets for a play,
While others gathered bric-a-brac
Much like they do today.

Carrington Junior School was built in the 1960s on land previously used for recreation and where the old Memorial Hall stood. The junior school was needed to replace the overcrowded Victorian school on the corner of Swains Lane. Before the new school was built children reaching the age of seven or eight had to walk to the elementary schools in the valley to continue their education.
There has been some form of basic education in the village for many years. It is believed that there were Bible classes in the old Primitive Methodist Chapel in Chopstick Alley, private lessons in a couple of local houses, plus an early Methodist school in the village centre (to the left of where Swains Market now stands). Reading lessons were later given in the Wesleyan Chapel itself. This school later moved to the Victorian school building where the Community Centre now stands. Finally, Carrington Junior School was built on Lady Carrington's recreation ground in the 1960s where it still stands today.
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