Bottle Cottage
Straight Bit

Bottle Cottage, photo courtesy of Penny Baldwin

The location of Bottle Cottage

Bottle Cottage was its name,
A strange one you might think,
But bottle bottoms bought it fame
And are the missing link,
For in the brickwork on the front
These bottle bottoms glinted,
With first of all each bottle drunk
Before each one was 'flinted',
One wonders if the owners here
Sold bottles from their shelves
Or if they really loved their beer
And drank it all themselves!

Bottle Cottage was here until 1948/9 (the above photo was taken at about this time) but it was demolished not long after. It was the home of the Anderson family. Alfred Anderson (seated) was known as Sonny, and his wife Ellen Anderson (left of Sony) was originally a Weedon.
The cottage was so named as there were Bottle ends inserted above the windows which you can just see in the photo.
Alfred Anderson tended the Flackwell Heath War Memorial as his son, James Anderson, was killed in the first world war - his name appears on the memorial. The little girl is Sandra Mills and her mother, Lucy, is the lady in the scarf. The lady on the right is Lucy's mother, Hilda. Jill Crooks is the face inside, looking out of the window.
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