Late 1950s estate
Rugwood Road

The beechwoods as they would have once looked.

The area today

No wood or land was sacred
In the post-war building boom
And trees and fields were given up
To housing all too soon.
And so the village grew apace,
The population doubled,
And though we all deserve a home
It left the locals troubled.
Gone were the paths of yesteryear,
The walks down leafy lanes,
The silence of the meadowland,
And nothng felt the same.

This estate would appear to have been built in the second phase of council building in Flackwell Heath after the Second World War, with Oakland Way and Buckingham Way appearing first. The land here was farmed by the landlord of The Stag pub in Heath End Road but both wood and farmland went under the developer's bulldozer in the early 1950s.

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