Flackwell Heath Golf Club
Minchins Farm, purchased 1902
Treadaway Hill
Owners: James George Peace, Arthur Clarke, Thomas Thurlow

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Picture from the SWOP website
Reference number HWS : 20395

We bought this field, a farm it was,
The land we need, of course, because
We three believe that this would make
A course in which we all could take
A joyous pride, a central hub,
A members' only golfing club.
And so we’ve asked that all our friends
Be members like the recent trends
We’ve heard about from other parts
A plan we’ve taken to our hearts,
And from subscriptions we will thrive
And make it good to be alive.

James George Peace,  Arthur Clarke and Thomas Thurlow bought Minchins Farm in Flackwell Heath and turned it into a Golf Club.  They persuaded all their friends and family to become members. It was sold in 1920 to the members themselves who had formed a group to purchase the club. 
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