The Fire Station
Priory Road (originally in Frogmoor)

Horse drawn fire cart
Picture from the SWOP website
Reference number BFP : 26073 (horse drawn)

Motorised fire truck
Picture from the SWOP website
Reference number RHW : 26026 (motorised)

The thing that Wycombe people fear
As larger timber yards appear
Is one small spark that lights the flame
That puts the town right back again,
And so the townsfolk, fearing fire,
Have bought a tender they can hire
And manned by local volunteers
They hope that it will quell all fears
For firms and houses down the line
Now sport the all important sign
That says they’ve paid the yearly due
That summons up the local crew.
The station is their pride and joy
A longed-for job by every boy,
And so it’s no surprise to find
The Wanes and Skulls and all their kind
Are fighting fires like all good men
When once the fire bell summons them.

The firestation needed local men to volunteer and the Skulls and Wanes feature on the list of Wycombe firefighters. Some appear in these photographs.
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