Enid Peace born 1908
Wycombe High School/Lady Verney High School   
Priory Road    
Lady Verney High School
Picture from the SWOP website
Reference number RHW : 01294  

This is where we went to school
And took our final grades
And in such institutions
We Wycombe girls were made,
Our sisters, cousins, in-laws too,
All Wycombe High School girls,
And with three Rs and cooking skills
We went out in the world,
To type, to nurse, to teach, to wed
Our role was made quite plain
Unlike the girls of nowadays
We had no wider aim.

This was the first Wycombe High School and became Lady Verney after the new High School was built on Marlow Hill.  Enid and Valerie Peace, sisters of Jack Peace,  both attended here. Enid emigrated to Rhodesia and married Jack Brown a cattle rancher. (My sister and I also went to school here.)
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