Emma Ellen Peace née Gibbs born 1836
Canal Side/Frogmoor

Canal Side/Frogmoor
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Reference number BFP : 03214

My mother died when I was young (Pa wed again soon after)
My auntie said ‘now please be strong, we like to hear your laughter,
Come live with us in Wycombe town, I’m sure things will work out’,
So this is where I settled down and made friends round about.
Eventually my 'man-to-be' took up a post next door
It wasn’t long he called to woo, then called to woo some more.
A draper, James, with higher aims, he took me for his own
And now he seeks to make his name, while I maintain his home.

Emma Ellen Gibbs, daughter of John and Margaret Gibbs (née Vincent) went to stay with her aunt Sarah Redington (née Gibbs) when her mother died. She married James George Peace (son of Samuel Peace and Elizabeth Williams) and went to live at Castle Hill House.
The Gibbs family were lace dealers and the Redingtons were pawn brokers and drapers so they were all quite affluent. Emma's father remarried soon after Margaret died and his new wife was Emma Terry, also from High Wycombe. John's two son's from his first marriage appear to have remained with their father and step-mother.
James George Peace, from Hertfordshire, had lost his father when he was very young and his mother had remarried. He, too, had experienced a fractured home life so he would have had much in common with Emma. He took up a post as draper for the Redingtons. Whether he had any previous contact with High Wycombe is unknown.

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